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Gregg Distributors is pleased to offer the ability for customers to access iPart, a website dedicated to your Gregg's account. iPart allows you to place orders on your Gregg's customer account online. You can browse or search for product with live access to inventory levels and pricing. iPart also provides access to detailed order and invoice history on your account. For a more in depth look at iPart and how it can make your job easier, watch the video below!

iPart® is a website that is available to our Gregg Distributors customers which grants access to your Gregg’s account online. With iPart you have access to many useful features like searching for items to see what’s in stock at your local branch and viewing item pricing. You can build a cart and place an order on your Gregg’s account through the site. There are many other useful features on iPart that can help make your job easier!

If you’re interested in what iPart can do for you, please contact a Gregg’s representative who would be happy to share more information regarding the site.

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MiPart® (Mobile iPart) is a mobile app that allows you to scan item barcodes, search for part numbers, create a cart in iPart, and even place orders from your device! MiPart will allow you to create a cart and place an order directly from your device, or, review it later in iPart. MiPart is used to replenish inventory by scanning barcodes or keying in part numbers. Scanning barcodes works best when installed on a mobile device with a built in scanner. That way, you can make changes, add parts, remove parts, or adjust quantities before submitting the cart as an order! With this mobile tool, you can leverage iPart away from your computer to build an order while in your stock area.

For more information on this app, please contact a Gregg’s representative who would be happy to share more information!

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VMiPart® (Vendor Mobile iPart) is a mobile application that is available to all GDLP salespeople. The VMiPart app gives our salesperson access to your iPart account allowing us to do Vendor Managed Inventory on-site at your place of business! Our salesperson can build a cart in iPart for you from the app which you can later review in iPart. You can then add additional parts or otherwise edit the cart in iPart before placing the order on your Gregg’s account!

With VMiPart our salesperson can scan your GMI bins, your bins labelled with Gregg’s part labels, or they can even search for a part number in their mobile phone to help streamline the ordering process. Although this is more of a GDLP salesperson tool, please be aware we have this option to save you time and help you make your job easier!

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Amador MiPart
Amador VMiPart