Oil / DEF Bulk Delivery Service

In our Edmonton and surrounding area market we are happy to offer this bulk delivery option. We have invested in 2 oil tanker trucks and a bulk DEF truck in order to provide our customers another option with the goal of making your job easier and ensuring you have the product needed to keep your job on track.

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Our Embracement / Investment in Technology

Our investment in technology goes way beyond providing the ability to order product online. Things like: ·Quality – getting you your orders complete and accurate; ·Receiving – being more productive in our receiving department to ensure when we show it in stock that it is on the shelf; ·Invoicing Options – providing the option to have your invoices submitted via invoicing portals..... the list goes on. We are constantly looking for ways to use technology to not only make our jobs easier, but of course yours as well.

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Loan & Lease Options

Hydraulic crimpers, pressure washers, shop equipment... These can be expensive and difficult to purchase up front. By utilizing our loan and lease programs we can help you maintain your cash flow and still allow you to get these large capital purchases working for you. On top of providing this option, we also have trained technicians to service this equipment to minimize any potential downtime that you encounter. We can even schedule routine maintenance calls on your equipment to ensure it is running smoothly to save you from costly downtime in the future.

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ISO Certification

QUALITY. That is what ISO stands for and Gregg Distributors is serious about quality. We are proud to have this certification and hope it demonstrates to our customers that they can be confident that we have the policies, procedures, and people in place to maintain our quality standards. From getting the correct product in the correct bin, entering your order, picking the product from the right bin, and getting your order delivered, we strive to get it right 100% of the time.

Download ISO Certification
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Marketing Initiatives

Although we know our “Shifty” and “Pick-a-Tool” flyers bring our customers value through monthly specials, we also provide other marketing materials to enhance your experience and bring you added value! We offer yearly bookings for items such as refrigerant, suction/discharge hose, antifreeze and roller chain. Check out our quarterly “Hidden Gems” flyers that highlight special items that can sometimes get lost in our product offering. We also have human interest material such as our “Canadian Fun Facts” (learn all kinds of things about our great country); or our “Remembrance Day” flyers (highlighting “Canadian” freedom-supporting efforts in the past and present). Sometimes it is not just about sales.

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The “Gregg” Catalogue

Every year on the 1st business day of the year our most important marketing tool becomes available. Nearing 3000 pages in full colour, we represent over 1700 product lines and 200,000 SKUs. Combine this powerful tool and what it represents along with the staff who can use it to help find the best solution for you..... That brings added value to you, our customer.

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Our Logistix Facility

The “Monster”, as we have come to call it, is a state-of-the-art warehouse facility that we use to service all of our locations throughout Western Canada. If you are a customer that uses any of our locations, this is the facility that backstops our inventory levels and fill rates. With 700,000 sq. ft. the “Monster” was created to ensure you have the product when you need it!

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Ordering – “Made Simple”

We recognize that different people like to use different methods to place orders. We will accommodate your preference – fax, email, online, over the phone, face to face – we can do it all!


iPart is a website that is available to our Gregg Distributors customers which grants access to your Gregg’s account online. With iPart you have access to many useful features like searching for items to see what’s in stock at your local branch and viewing item pricing. You can build a cart and place an order on your Gregg’s account through the site. There are many other useful features on iPart that can help make your job easier! If you’re interested in what iPart can do for you, please contact a Gregg’s representative who would be happy to share more information regarding the site.
Visit iPart


VMiPart is a mobile application that is available to all GDLP salespeople. The VMiPart app gives our salesperson access to your iPart account allowing us to do Vendor Managed Inventory on-site at your place of business! Our salesperson can build a cart in iPart for you from the app which you can later review in iPart. You can then add additional parts or otherwise edit the cart in iPart before placing the order on your Gregg’s account! With VMiPart our salesperson can scan your GMI bins, your bins labelled with Gregg’s part labels, or they can even search for a part number in their mobile phone to help streamline the ordering process.


MiPart is an android based mobile app that allows you to scan item barcodes, search for part numbers, create a cart in iPart, and even place orders from your device! Like VMiPart, (see above) MiPart will allow you to create a cart and place an order directly from your device, or, review it later in iPart. That way, you can make changes, add parts, remove parts, or adjust quantities before submitting the cart as an order! With this mobile tool, you can leverage iPart away from your computer to build an order while in your stock area.
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Our Invoicing Options

Mail, fax, email, and portals. There are so many options out there, we want to make your job easier. Whichever option suits your business better we will be happy to accommodate.

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Order Confirmations

Would you not like to be confident in knowing that your order has been received, processed and then get immediate confirmation of your pricing? We can give you this peace of mind. As we enter your orders, confirmations can be automatically sent to multiple people via email or fax, providing you with our order number along with confirmation of your current pricing.

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Gregg’s Managed Inventory (GMI)

Through our GMI program we have developed a means for you to easily manage your shop consumable inventory. With over 80 kits available, and always on the lookout for new ones to create, our GMI program offers you an easy solution. All kits come with specifically designed cards with pictures and part numbers to help identify product for your job or to re-order. Of course what good is an inventory program if you do not have inventory available? We do, so we have you covered, let us help you take control of your shop inventory. This program goes hand in hand with our ability to provide vendor managed inventory options for our customers. Let us take the burden of ensuring your shop is equipped with the necessary consumables to keep you on the go. No more empty bins!

Gregg's Managed Inventory
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The ProVend™ program is designed to save you time and money by helping to manage your inventory and control usage of consumable items and high-ticket assets.

The benefits you can expect with ProVend™ include:

  • 24/7 access: ensure the most important and common products are available to all shifts, 24 hours a day.
  • Accountability: account for high volume consumables, tools, MRO supplies, PPE, and more.
  • Detailed reporting: access detailed consumption reporting that is customized to suit your needs.
  • Eliminate stock outages: program the system to e-mail the procurement team with inventory top up requirements.
  • Increased productivity: save time by having the most necessary tools and consumables readily available to employees who need them.
  • Inventory control: regulate consumption of inventory and track tool usage.
  • Up to 30% less waste: create a usage-based environment with up to 30% less misuse, waste, and shrinkage.

Please ask a Gregg’s representative for more information.

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