Our Projects

At Gregg's, we believe in giving back to the Canadian communities that support us, through charity initiatives. As a 100% Canadian company, All of our charities directly benefit from our local initiatives such as the Edmonton Valley Zoo, Make a Wish, Ronald Mcdonald House, Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. Children's Hospital, Valour Place, Janus Academy, and so much more!

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We are building new locations, not closing locations!

We are always looking to add jobs to our Western Canadian economy through the growth of our business. By expanding current buildings and constructing new ones we are demonstrating that we firmly believe in having physical buildings or “bricks and mortar”, staffed with local people from within the communities we operate to serve your needs.

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Our Environmental Responsibility

We take an active role in environmental stewardship. We indicate in our catalogue specifically those products that are either manufactured through a ‘green’ process or contain ‘green’ material. This gives you the option to purchase products that are environmentally friendly. We also have a “Green” team in place that proactively looks for green initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment.

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We Support our Armed Forces

Once a month we have “Red Day”. On this day the “Sea of Blue” that you would traditionally see in our stores with all of our staff wearing blue smocks changes to a “Sea of Red”. We wear Red T-shirts on this day to demonstrate how we as a company support and deeply appreciate the efforts our Armed Forces make to maintain and protect our freedom.

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